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Workplace injuries are very common, and another part of this Committee’s responsibilities is to ensure that injured workers have a proper plan in place and are accommodated properly when returning to work. They assist in ensuring that the injured worker receives fair treatment by the Employer and that they receive the appropriate health care disability benefits that they require. Getting injured is no fun. Taking the right approach is important as it can save you time and money. Remember that your personal health and safety is your responsibility but that your WSIB/H&S Committee is there to help you through those tough times!

Some of the steps they may help you through include:

  • Filling out the correct WSIB forms;
  • Ensuring that the information is correct;
  • Ensuring that the proper medical documentation is submitted;
  • Informing the correct people.

Please ensure that you follow these steps if you are injured at work:

  • Immediately report your accident/incident to your supervisor before leaving the worksite;
  • Immediately seek medical attention;
  • Notify a member of the WSIB committee.

How to start a WSIB claim:

  1. Form 8 – This form will be filled out by your medical provider
  2. Form 7 – This form will be filled out by the employer
  3. Form 6 – This form is to be filled out by the injured worker
  4. Abilities Form – This form will be filled out by your medical provider and will provide information for the purpose of assisting the injured worker in an early and safe return to work.
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